Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, I will only be offering telehealth services at this time. I have completed continuing education credits in telehealth and have successfully intermittently utilized it in my practice when appropriate for the last three years. I feel grateful that I can utilize this medium to offer ongoing support to my current and new clients. Please contact me to learn more about telehealth and to schedule an appointment.


Welcome to my practice! My name is Nicole DeRobertis and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker trained to work with children, adolescents, and adults. I provide trauma informed individual and family therapy utilizing a therapeutic approach that combines humanistic, interpersonal, and cognitive behavioral modalities. I value working from various perspectives and tailor your treatment to your needs and strengths providing supportive guidance and strategies when appropriate.

I earned my Master of Social Work degree at Fordham University, and have worked in a variety of settings since that time. I have extensive experience from working in community mental health settings, emergency crisis intervention services, court based clinical services, and supervision of wraparound care services for families in need.

I am committed to providing individualized support to each person I work with as they embark on their journey towards holistic wellness.  While I work with individuals in all stages of their lives my primary focus has been on working with teens and pre-teens to help them navigate the unique challenges they face. I implement a combination of therapeutic interventions individually tailored to each client, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, expressive art and play modalities.

My goal is to foster a therapeutic environment that supports the development of new skills, which clients can use to increase their own awareness and understanding of their emotions.  I work with clients to develop skills for distress tolerance and emotion regulation and work with them to strengthen their ability to create and maintain satisfying relationships.  Self-compassion is key to this process and is something that I try to nurture in each client that I work with so that they can feel more harmoniously connected to their own selves, the people and environment around them and so that they can ultimately find a more richly fulfilling and enjoyable life.